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Basic Component Dialog Properties

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Most component dialogs include some or all of the following basic property fields.

  • Title: Enter a brief but unique title for this instance of the component, such as Child Welfare-Federal Agencies Navigation Menu. Or edit the existing title. This title appears within the component properties, and does not affect the name of the base component itself.
  • Heading: Enter the text that site visitors will see on the page above the main content of the component. For instance, you may want to display the text Member Sign-In above a Sign In component.
  • Prompt: Enter text to encourage Web page visitors to use the component. For instance, you may want to add the text Click to send this Web page to a friend! above a Send Page to Friend component.
  • Style Sheet: If more than one style sheet is assigned to and available for this component, you may select a different, non-default style sheet to control the component's presentation. Your Website Administrator assigns style sheets to each component.
  • Use these settings as the default: Select this checkbox to use the current settings as the default for this component within this Web site. When anyone inserts the component into a Web page, a display template, or a wrapper, this will be the initial default configuration. However, an administrator such as an Author can override the default configuration within an individual instance of the component.

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