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Sharing an Activity from this Site With Your Friends on Your Social Pages

If a Sharing Opportunity link with social site icons (like Facebook Icon or LinkedIn Icon) displays on a page in this site, you can quickly and easily post a comment on your favorite social sites about the activity associated with it. The post (or, tweet) will contain a link back to an appropriate page on this site where your friends can pursue the activity (for example, make a donation, join your fundraising team, or take a political action alert).

If the Social Tell-A-Friend Email Icon (Social Tell-A-Friend Email icon) displays in the link, you can click that icon to send an email about the activity. The email message also contains a link back to an appropriate page on the site.

Note: You do not have to be logged in to use a Sharing Opportunity.

Step 1. Open the Sharing Opportunity

Click the icon of the social site on which you want to post this Sharing Opportunity (for example, click Facebook Icon (the Facebook icon) to post to your News Feed on your Facebook page.

Step 2. Enter Your Comment

Type in a phrase or statement about the opportunity that lets your friends know the activity and how you are participating (for example, Join my fundraising team as we raise money to cure cancer in this race or Please make a donation to this very worthy cause like I have!).

Sometimes, the Comment field may contain default text. You can either keep this text, add to it, or delete it and enter your own.

Step 3. Post the Comment

Click Share. If you: