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Managing Action Alerts

(Advocacy: Action Alerts)

Advocacy applications help you engage and mobilize constituents to support your cause. For help with other Advocacy applications, see Advocacy: Table of Contents.

You create Action Alerts for your most important issues, then encourage constituents to send the alert messages to specific recipients, or targets. Targets can include:

  • Legislators and other individuals
  • Federal agencies with regulations and proposals open to public comment (the alert message is the comment)

You can specify the exact targets for each alert (One Step Alert) or allow your constituents to choose from a core set of targets that you provide (Two Step Alert). You can also add custom survey-type questions to gather information from your constituent advocates, and allow them to modify the alert message so that recipients get a more varied response from multiple advocates.

Advocacy Reports allow you to measure your efforts by district and other criteria so that you can fine-tune messages, identify relevant audiences, and improve lobbying efforts.

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