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 Donations By Transaction Report

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The Donations By Transaction Report provides the most granular view of donations within the Convio system. This report displays one row per transaction. The output includes data about the transaction itself as well as the donor and the intended fundraising campaign. Additional data is included in the downloadable version (see below).

The Donations by Transaction report does not include any additional values from TeamRaisers and Tribute Funds, such as registration payments or seed gifts. (Note that these values are included in the Fundraising Dashboard and are labeled with their source type.)

You can report on all transactions or you can use the new common filtering methods to generate a report on a subset of data. These methods provide significant flexibility for creating a report to meet your needs.

Common Donation Report Filtering Methods:

u       Security Categories

u       Donation Campaigns and Forms

u       Payment Details such as Payment Methods and Type of Donations

u       Source Details if the Donation was brought in via Email Campaign or Weblinks, etc.

u       Gift Details such as amounts or special circumstances like Joint Donors or Honor Gifts

u       Donations with Premiums

u       Donors who are members of Groups

u       Donation Date Ranges

See Configuring the New Donation Reports for help in setting up the filters.

Important: If a gift has been refunded, it will no longer appear on this report.

View the Results of the Donations By Transaction Report

The Donations By Transaction Report provides the Donor Name, Transaction Details, Campaign/Form associated with the transaction, and Contact information for all transactions that meet the criteria that you select when configuring the report

Transactions will be listed in alphabetical order by donor name (Last name, First name).  In addition to the fields listed below, you will also have totals for the following: Total Record Count



Donor Name

The name on the credit card used to make the online transaction or the name entered by the administrator when recording or processing the transaction offline

Donor Email

The email address supplied by the donor

Email Opt-In

Yes, No

Donor Address

The address information provided by the donor

Donor Phone

The phone number supplied by the donor

Donation Campaign

Name of the Donation Campaign

Donation Form

Name of the Donation Form, If Applicable

Donation Level

Name of the Donation Level, If Applicable

Transaction Amount

The amount of the transaction

Transaction Date

Date the Transaction occurred

Payment Plan

One-time, Sustaining, Installment

Payment Method

Cash, Check, ACH, or Type of Credit Card

Payment Source

Online, Offline


Additional Data available in the Downloadable version

The Donations By Transaction Report provides quite a lot of data in the downloadable version in addition to what is included in the online version. This list summarizes the additional data.



Constituent Identification

Constituent ID, Member ID

Transaction Identification

Transaction ID, Pledge ID

Payment Gateway Details

Confirmation Codes, Reference Number, Settlement Status & Dates, AVS Codes, IP Add

Recurring Payment Details (if applicable)

Frequency, Status, Relevant Dates

First Time Donor

Yes, No

Soft Credit(Proxy) Data (if applicable)

ID, Name, & Type of Soft Credit (TeamRaiser, Tributes)

Anonymous Donor

Yes, No

Joint Donor Contact Information (if applicable)

Name and Address for any Joint Donors

Honor Gift and Contact Information (if applicable)

Type of Honor Gift, Name and Address for any Honoree and Notification Recipient

Company Matching (if applicable)

Company Name

Premium Information/Shipping Details (if applicable)

Product Data, Premium Shipping Information

Source Code Details (if applicable)

If the donation came from a specific source such as an Email Campaign or a Web Link. Source Type, Source Code, Sub-Source Code

Custom Fields (if applicable)

Includes any Donations Custom Fields including new "extensible" fields in Donations 2.0