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Email Campaign Soft Bounce Report

Email Campaign Soft Bounce Report sample page.View a Sample of This Report

The Soft Bounce Report lists the email address and personal information of the intended recipients of each email message soft bounced due to a temporary condition (such as recipient’s mailbox is full, recipient’s ISP is unable to accept email at this time, and so on).

Although the mail server (not the Email application) determines the number of attempts that it will make to send soft bounced emails, the mail server does notify the Email application each time a unique email is soft bounced so it can count it as a soft bounce.

Using the Soft Bounce Report

Use the Soft Bounce Report to:

u       Show the email address of the intended recipient of an email message

u       Show the personal information of the intended recipient, including:

         First Name

         Last Name

         Street Address


         State or Province

         ZIP code


         Phone Number


Running the Soft Bounce Report

To run the Soft Bounce Report:

1.       Click Email from the navigation bar of the Administrator Home Page.

2.       Click Email Campaigns from the drop-down list.

3.       Click the Campaigns tab.

4.       Click the campaign name in the Email Campaign List.

5.       Click the Reports tab.

6.       On the Reports page, in the drop-down labelled Create a new report, click Soft Bounce Report and click Go.

7.       On the Select Messages page:

a        From All Selections, click the message name and click the Add button to move the message to the Your Selections box.

Tip: If you want to compare all of the campaign messages, click the Add All button and then click the Next button.

b        Click the next message name and click the Add button again.

c         Continue until you have selected all of the messages you want to compare.

d        Click the Next button.

8.       On the Submit report page:

a        Review the details of the report.

b        For the report label, type a descriptive name to help distinguish this Soft Bounce Report from other Soft Bounce Reports on the Reports page.

c         Click the Submit Report button. The system will display the Reports page with Queued as the report Status.

9.       On the Reports page:

a        Click Refresh this page and wait until the system changes the Status to Completed. (You may need to click this more than one time.)

b        From the Actions column, click:

u       View to display the report in your browser.

u       Print to display the report in a printer-friendly format in a popup window.

u       Download to save the report to a file and download that file to your local computer or shared network resource.

u       Delete to remove the report from the Reports list if you no longer need it.


Viewing the Soft Bounce Report

The Soft Bounce Report displays with the report label across the top along with the timestamp that shows when the report was run. If you have not entered a label, the system uses the report name (that is, Soft Bounce Report).

On the Soft Bounce Report page, you can click the First, Previous, Next,and Last links to move among multiple pages of the report.

The Soft Bounce Report columns are explained below. To display a sample of this report, click here.

Report Column



Email address to which the message was sent


First name of the intended recipient


Last name of the intended recipient


Number and name of the street of the intended recipient


Name of the city in which the intended recipient resides


Two-letter abbreviation of the state or name of the province in which the intended recipient resides


Postal ZIP code in which the intended recipient resides


Name of the country in which the intended recipient resides


Telephone number of the intended recipient