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 Understanding Rebuild at Delivery Settings

Groups that are based on queries or tasks can generally be rebuilt before an email message is delivered so that their membership is as current as possible. The administrator makes the decision on whether or not to rebuild these types of groups when selecting the groups to target.

Because rebuilding of large groups can be expensive in terms of site resources, all sites have been assigned a minimum group rebuild time in order to maximize the overall performance of the site. For most sites, this period of time is 24 hours, meaning that no individual group will rebuild any more frequently than once every 24 hours. Consequently, even if you choose to rebuild a group at delivery, it will not rebuild if it was last built within the minimum period of time established for your site.

Therefore, based on the minimum rebuild time for your site, the groups you are targeting, and the Group Rebuild options you have selected, the Rebuild at Delivery column may contain any or all of the following entries:

u       Yes shown beside any Group that can be rebuilt where the administrator has opted to rebuild the group and the group will not have been rebuilt within the minimum rebuild time before the scheduled delivery.

u       No, recently rebuilt shown beside any Group where the administrator has opted to rebuild the group, but where the minimum rebuild time will not have been met before the scheduled delivery time.

u       No shown beside any Group that is "not rebuildable," as well as beside any "rebuildable" group where the administrator has opted not to have the group rebuild at send-time.

Note that, in practice, most groups will still rebuild immediately before delivery, since they will not have been rebuilt within the last 24 hrs before your email is scheduled for delivery (or the period established for your site). Furthermore, if they have been rebuilt within 24 hrs, the membership will still be quite up-to-date.

You will need to remain aware of the minimum rebuild time, however, especially if choosing to Resend a message soon after the original message was sent. In this case, if the group was just rebuilt for the original delivery, it may not pick up any new members for your second delivery. Scheduling any Resend at least 24 hours after the original should take care of this problem.

The following two examples may help you better understand the rebuild behavior:

Example #1:

In this first example, we have several groups that are not rebuildable, so they cannot be rebuilt at delivery (marked "No"). We also have a rebuildable group of Alabama residents that was last rebuilt in 1969, so it will rebuild at delivery (marked "Yes"). Finally, we have a group of Special Opt Ins that the administrator has indicated he would like rebuilt; however, this last group will not rebuild because it was last rebuilt too recently before the scheduled delivery (which is immediate).

Shows all three possible entries for Rebuild at Delivery


Example #2:

This second example shows the same delivery. However, in this case the Scheduled delivery time has been pushed off by 3 days. Now, the minimum rebuild time for the Special Opt Ins group will have been met by the time of the scheduled delivery, so that group now indicates that it will be rebuilt.

Shows how group will rebuild when the schedule is delayed


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