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What is Gigya?

Gigya is a leading social optimization platform that allows web sites to seamlessly connect to other social media platforms for the purpose of sharing, site registration/authentication, and other interactive features. Convio partners with Gigya to provide the Gigya services to our clients in order to deliver reliable and secure content sharing as well as open authentication.

Gigya has application programming interface (API) services that work behind the scenes to make safe, secure connections between user accounts on different systems, such as the popular social media web sites like Facebook and web sites like yours for raising funds and awareness of important social issues and causes.

By enabling your constituents to connect their accounts, you can reduce the number of usernames and passwords they need to remember and reduce duplicate account creation. It also makes it quick and easy to share an activity or cause they feel passionately about from your web site with their friends on your social web sites, which may help add new constituents to your house file.

Before you can enable the Social Sharing and Open Authentication features on your Convio web site, you must create an account with Gigya and agree to their terms of service. You must also request Gigya to provide the appropriate software keys to each social media web site you will let your constituents connect their accounts to.