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TeamRaiser Participant Performance Report

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The Participant Performance Report lists the fundraising information and statistics for registered participants of a selected TeamRaiser or a set of TeamRaisers related by Type and occurring during a specific fiscal year.

By default, the report shows for each participant the breakdown between the funds confirmed as received and funds still awaiting confirmation as well as fundraising goal and the percentage of the goal that has been achieved. The statistics showing how often each participant has used the Participant Center email and personal page functions is also listed. For participants who are members of teams, the team information is displayed. You can expand the information included in the report by selecting additional Include in output options when you configure the report.

You can also filter your report to show only the participants who registered for a specific participation type or with a specific division as well as each participant who registered as an individual or with a team, just the participants who registered with a team, or only those participants who are team captains.

By default, the report shows information for only participants with an Active status. You can select to run the report without hiding participants whose status has been changed to Inactive in case they have registration fees and gifts still applied to the event.


Using the Participant Performance Report

Use the Participant Performance Report to show the:

  • Amount of money each participant has raised and a breakdown that shows how much is confirmed as received and how much is yet to be received and recorded as confirmed
  • Goal amount of money that each participant hopes to raise
  • Percentage of the goal amount that each participant has met when the report is run
  • Amount of money each participant paid as a registration fee
  • Number of other participants that each participant has recruited
  • Number of times each participant used the Participant Center tools to send emails to thank donors, recruit new members, communicate with the team and promote team events, and solicit more donations
  • Last time each participant worked with their personal page
  • Participation type for which each participant registered
  • Team, Company, and Division each participant registered under
  • Individual participants who did not register with any team (their Team, Company, and Division will be blank)
  • Team Captain names and information
  • Honorary Team to which the system assigned each participant (if you set this option)
  • Upsells selected or purchased by each participant and prices charged (if any)

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Running the Participant Performance Report

To run the Participant Performance Report:

  1. From the navigation bar, click Data Management and then click Reports from the drop-down list displayed. The Report Selection page displays.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) beside the TeamRaiser Reports folder. The available TeamRaiser reports display.
  3. Click the Participant Performance Report. The Configure Report Options page opens.
  4. If the:
    • Internal Name drop-down list displays, click the name of the TeamRaiser from the drop-down list.
    • Or, the set of Select a Specific TeamRaiser and Select a Set of Team Raisers radio buttons display, to run the report on a:
      • Specific TeamRaiser, leave the Select a Specific TeamRaiser radio button selected.
      • Or, set of TeamRaisers:
        1. Click the Select a set of TeamRaisers radio button. Three new drop-down lists display.
        2. To run this report to show information for TeamRaisers:
          • In the default category shown in the Security Category drop-down list, leave Administrators only selected or click a different option from the drop-down list.
          • Of a specific Type, select the appropriate option from the Type drop-down list.
          • Of a specific fiscal year, select the appropriate option from the Fiscal Year drop-down list.
  5. For Participation Type:
    • Leave the default Show all participation types radio button selected.
    • Or, click the Show only this participation type radio button and select a specific type from the drop-down menu.
  6. For Team Membership:
    • Leave the default All participants radio button selected to include everyone.
    • Or, click the Only team members radio button to exclude individual participants.
    • Or, click the Only Team Captains radio button to run the report with only team captain information.
  7. For Registrations that occurred and Donations recorded:
    • Leave the default Predefined Date Range radio button selected and All Dates displayed in the drop-down menu to generate the information up to the current date.
    • Or, click the Predefined Date Range drop-down list and select the appropriate option.
      Note: If your Fiscal Year is not the same as the calendar year, the value will typically be defined during system set up with the FISCAL_YEAR_START_MONTH site option. Contact Convio Support if you need more information.
    • Or, click the Custom Date Range radio button and use the drop-down menus to set specific dates.
  8. For Participant Status Filter:
    • Leave the default Hide Inactive Participants checkbox selected to return information for only those participants whose status is Active.
    • Or, click the checkbox to include both active and inactive participants.

      Note: The ACTIVE column in this report will contain No for inactive participants and Yes for active participants.
  9. For Include in the output, leave the default options selected and click the:

    Note: By default, the Participation Information, Registration Fees, Fundraising Information, and Fundraising Statistics output options are already selected to yield 24 columns of information that identify each participant by name, registration date, participation type, team information, funds raised, and so on. Selecting additional output options here will add more columns of information to this Participant Performance Report.
    • Contact Information checkbox to add the nine columns that show for each participant:
      • GENDER
      • BIRTH DATE
    • Employer and Occupation checkbox to add EMPLOYER and OCCUPATION columns.
    • Emergency Contact Information checkbox to add the EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME and EMERGENCY PHONE columns.
    • Event Check-in Fields checkbox to add the AMOUNT RECEIVED and ACTUAL TOTAL columns that show the donations received on behalf of the participant.
    • Honoree Information checkbox to add the ten columns that show for the honoree that the participant designated:
      • EMAIL address
      • DECEASED (YES/NO) notation
    • Additional Questions checkbox to add, for each question asked on the Registration page, a QUESTION column that lists the participant’s response.
  10. For Sort by:
    • Leave the default Individual’s Name radio button selected to see the list of participants in alphabetical order.
    • Or, click the Team Name, then Individual’s Name radio button to list the participants in each team.
  11. For Label for this report, enter a descriptive name that will help distinguish this Participant Performance Report from other Participant Performance Reports in the Report Results list (for example, Week 1 Participation Performance). If you do not enter a label, Participant Performance Report displays as the title in the Report Results list.
  12. Click the Submit Report button. The Report Result List opens with Queued as the Status of the report.
  13. Click the Refresh button and wait until the Status changes to Completed. (You may need to click this button more than one time to run larger reports.)
  14. Click the:

    View Icon (View) icon to display the report on your computer. (You can save or print the report from the displayed view.)

    Print Icon (Print) icon to display the report in a printer-friendly format.

    Download Icon (Download) icon to download this report to your local computer or a shared network resource and save it as a comma separated value (CSV) file.

    Delete Icon (Remove) icon to delete the report if you no longer need it.

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Viewing the Results of the Participant Performance Report

The Participant Performance Report displays in the Report Viewer with the report title across the top and the Report Date timestamp immediately below it. If you have not entered a label, the system uses the report name (Participant Performance Report) as the title.

On the report page, you can click the:

  • Add to My Reports link to way for you to run this report again directly from the My Reports section from the Report Selection page or your Administrator Home Page. To save the shortcut link, click the My Reports link to display a pop-up page, enter any new title or description information about this report, and then click the Save button to close the pop-up and create the link. When you click the report shortcut link from either place, the Report Results list page displays directly (without displaying the Report Selection or Configuration page) and you can view, print, or download the report using the actions in the Report Results list.
  • Add results to group link to add the participants listed in this report to an existing group or create a new group from this participant list. For example, you can make a TR1Participants2004 group to use as the target group to email about the next TeamRaiser event.
  • Print Icon (Print) icon to display the report in a printer-friendly format. This icon displays on both the top and bottom of the report.
  • Download Icon (Download) icon to download this report to your local computer or a shared network resource and save it as a comma separated value (CSV) file. This icon displays on both the top and bottom of the report.

The following table shows the report columns of the report when viewed online. Columns are shown in the default order they will appear if each Include checkbox is selected on the Configure Report Options page. The pre-selected DEFAULT columns that display when the report is run with the default configuration options are presented in BOLD UPPERCASE letters.

Note: Additional columns may appear in the downloaded version of this report.

To display a sample of this report in a separate window, click here.

The following 10 columns display by default 1:
CAMPAIGN NAME External name of the TeamRaiser event
TEAM 1 Name of the team the participant joined or formed
TEAM COMPANY 1,2 Name of the company under which the team registered if the Include company names for teams option was enabled during configuration
LAST NAME Last name entered for the participant
FIRST NAME Last name entered for the participant
REGISTRATION DATE Month, day, and year timestamp when the participant registered
No if an administrator has marked the participant Profile inactive
REGISTRATION TYPE Online if the participant registered and paid online
Offline if an administrator registered the participant
REGISTRANT TYPE 3 Primary if the participant registered online by self
Secondary if this participant is registered by another participant, such as a family member
PRIOR PARTICIPANT N/A if this TeamRaiser is not linked to a prior event
Yes if this TeamRaiser is linked to a prior event and the system finds a match for the Profile of the participant
No if this TeamRaiser is linked to a prior event and the system does not find a matching Profile
The following 10 columns display if the Contact Information checkbox is selected:
EMAIL Participant’s email address
ADDRESS 1 Number and street name where the participant resides
ADDRESS 2 Apartment number, Suite, or PO Box if included in the participant’s address
CITY Name of the city in which the participant resides
STATE Two-letter abbreviation for the state in which the participant resides
ZIP Five-number postal ZIP code where the participant resides
COUNTRY Name of the country in which the participant resides
PHONE NUMBER Ten-digit telephone number of the participant
GENDER Male or Female
BIRTHDATE Month, day, and year of the participant’s birth
The following 2 columns display if the Employer and Occupation checkbox is selected:
EMPLOYER Name of the employer of this participant
OCCUPATION Option selected from the drop-down list during registration
The following 2 columns display if the Emergency Contact Information checkbox is selected:
EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME First and last name of the participant’s designated emergency contact
EMERGENCY CONTACT PHONE Ten-digit telephone number of the participant’s designated emergency contact
The following 5 columns display if the Participation checkbox is selected (which it is by default):
DIVISION Name of the division in which the participant’s team belongs if Divisions have been defined
PARTICIPATION TYPE Participant type selected when the participant registered
TEAM CAPTAIN Yes if the participant is the captain
Will be blank if this is a team member or individual participant
HONORARY TEAM Name of the honorary team to which the participant has been assigned when the Honorary Teams option was enabled and configured.
Or, will be blank if no Honorary Teams are set up.
PERSONAL ID Race number that the system generated if the Automatic Race Number Generation option is enabled for the Participant Type
The following column displays when the Registration Fees checkbox is selected (which it is by default):
REGISTRATION FEE Monetary amount of the fee that the participant paid when registering for the TeamRaiser
The following 5 columns displays when the Fundraising Information checkbox is selected (which it is by default):
CONFIRMED DONATIONS Monetary amount of the gifts paid with credit cards online or paid with cash, checks, or credit cards offline and recorded as confirmed in support of this participant, including any additional gift given by the participant during the registration transaction. This does not include any Registration Fees paid by the participant.
UNCOMFIRMED DONATIONS Monetary amount of offline donations promised or received but not yet recorded as confirmed in support of this participant. (Any unconfirmed gifts that were rejected are not included.)
TOTAL DONATIONS Total monetary amount of all donations received when the Confirmed Donations are added to the Unconfirmed Donations and includes any additional gift that the participant gives during registration. This does not include any Registration Fees paid or unconfirmed gifts that have been rejected.
TOTAL DONATIONS AND FEE Total monetary amount when the Registration Fee that the participant paid is added to the Confirmed Donations and Unconfirmed Donations total shown in the TOTAL DONATIONS column.
PENDING DONATIONS Monetary amount of donations promised in support of the participant but not yet received or recorded as confirmed. (This includes the total amount promised for recurring gifts even if the site option to credit the full value of recurring gifts is not enabled.)
DONATIONS BY PARTICIPANT Monetary amount that this participant has given in gifts to support them self in this TeamRaiser. This includes the additional gift given during registration (not including any Registration Fees) and any other donations the participant made to themselves. For example, if the participant pays $25 in Registration Fees, includes $100 as the additional gift during registration, and then goes to another participant page and makes a $50 donation to support that participant in this TeamRaiser, this column will display only the $100 that the participant made to support themselves.
The following 2 columns display if the Event Check-in fields option checkbox is selected:
AMOUNT RECEIVED This is left blank to allow the person who checks in this participant (at the event) to record any gift money the participant has collected and turns in.
ACTUAL TOTAL This is left blank.
The following 6 columns display if the Fundraising Statistics checkbox is selected (which it is by default):
GOAL Monetary amount that the participant expects to collect from supporters
PERCENT OF GOAL Percentage of the goal money that this participant has raised at the time this report was run. This includes the amount of total amount of donations received plus any registration fees paid.
TOTAL NUMBER OF DONORS Number of distinct donors who have made online and offline donations to support the participant, including the participant if they made an additional donation at the time of registration or at any time to support their own fundraising effort. Donors who make more than one donation in support of this participant are counted only one time.
PARTICIPANTS RECRUITED Number of participants who clicked the Join My Team link from the Personal Page of this participant and registered for the TeamRaiser as a result. This does not include people who followed a link from a Widget or other method to register for the TeamRaiser.
EMAILS SENT Total number of email messages the participant has sent from the Participant Center.
PAGE LAST CHANGED DATE Month, day, and year timestamp when the participant last made changes to their Personal Page
The following 11 columns display if the Honoree Information checkbox is selected:
HONOREE FIRST NAME First name of the person on whose behalf the participant is dedicating their participation in this TeamRaiser
HONOREE MIDDLE NAME Middle name of the honoree
HONOREE LAST NAME Last name of the honoree
HONOREE STREET 1 Number and street name where the honoree resides
HONOREE STREET 2 Apartment or Suite number, or PO Box
HONOREE CITY Name of the city in which the honoree resides
HONOREE STATE Two-letter state abbreviation in which the honoree resides
HONOREE ZIP Five-number postal ZIP code in which the honoree resides
HONOREE COUNTRY Name of the country in which the honoree resides
HONOREE EMAIL Email address of the honoree
HONOREE DECEASED Yes if appropriate;
Will be blank if not
A column will display for each Additional Question included on a registration form for the Participation Types in this TeamRaiser if the Additional Questions checkbox is selected:
Text of the Question Answer or response selected by the participant
Or, User Provided No Response message if the participant did not respond
The following 4 columns display by default:
SOURCE TYPE Type of link clicked to get to the registration (for example, Email, Forwarded Email, Tell A Friend, E-Card, Web link, Other)
SOURCE CODE Name of the source type that was clicked (for example, the name of the email message)
SUBSOURCE CODE The actual link clicked or real name of the source
DISCOUNT NAME Label of any discount code used by the participant when registering
Two columns will display for each Registration Upsell included on a registration form for the Participation Types in this TeamRaiser: 5
Registration Upsell/Additional Option Name of the Upsell
Registration Upsell/Additional Option PRICE Monetary amount charged to participant for this upsell

Table Notes:

  1. The TEAM and TEAM COMPANY columns display in this position if the default Sort by Team Name, than Individual's Name radio button is enabled. If the Sort by Individual's Name radio button is selected, these two columns display after the PARTICIPATION TYPE column.
  2. The TEAM COMPANY column displays only if the TeamRaiser has been enabled to included company names.
  3. The REGISTRANT TYPE column displays values unless the Allow multiple registrations on a single credit-card option is disabled.
  4. The DIVISION column does not display value if the TeamRaiser is not configured to allow teams to register within divisions
  5. The Registration Upsells columns display when Upsells have been configured and included on the registration forms for Participation Types in this TeamRaiser.

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