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Running Classic TeamRaiser Reports

The TeamRaiser Reports track information about the events, participants in the events, and people who make gifts to the events. including fundraising statistics, contact and team information, and responses to registration questions.

The TeamRaiser Comparison, Summary, Division Summary, and Team Summary Reports track very similar participant and donor statistics, but list them in different types of views. For example, the Comparison Report shows a set of statistics for each TeamRaiser whereas the Summary Report shows the same statistics, but they are broken down by Participation Types for a selected TeamRaiser.

The TeamRaiser Yearly Comparison Report shows the number of registrations, the dollar amount of registration fees collected, and the dollar amount of donations received for a current TeamRaiser and up to two past TeamRaisers to help you determine patterns and growth trends.

The TeamRaiser Participant Performance, Participant Registration, and Event Check-In Reports list very similar details about each participant, including contact information, team and participation data, fundraising goal and recruiting statistics, personal page modifications, and responses to any additional questions asked on the Registration page.

The TeamRaiser Unconfirmed Gifts Report identifies the name of each donor whose cash or check gift has been recorded but has not been received or recorded as received, as well as the amount of the gift and the date timestamp when it was first entered as an unconfirmed gift.

The TeamRaiser Company Gifts Report lists the gifts received by each company in a selected TeamRaiser by gift categories, such as company checks, sponsorships, pledges, in-kind gifts, registration summaries, or matching amounts, plus the primary company contact information.

The Transaction Report lists registration and donation payments by each participant and donor, along with the important information, such as the Confirmation ID and billing address.

The TeamRaiser Participant Summary Report provides fundraising performance summaries for participants in TeamRaiser events. The report lists the participants by team (as well as by name) and includes a section for those who participated in the TeamRaiser as individuals. Optionally, the report can include fundraising information for each individual donor to each participant and list of those who contributed directly to the TeamRaiser. You can also choose to run the report on only one team.

The TeamRaiser Premium Report lists the product purchase and order details of premiums purchased in support of a TeamRaiser participant, team, or event. (available only when the appropriate settings for using premiums with TeamRaisers is enabled)

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