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Completing a Registration Form to Register on Our Site

Typically, a Registration page contains a form with fields available for entering biographical details about yourself, your email and postal address contact information, and so on. Almost always, you must enter a First Name, Last Name, and email address at minimum. Information fields that require a value are marked and you may not be able to process your registration if you do not enter a valid value.

Often, you can create your own User Name and Password while registering on this type of page.

Once you have submitted your registration form and it has been processed, a confirmation page or message will display to tell you that you have succesfully created your user account. If you entered your own login User Name and Password, you can log into the site.

If your registration must be approved by the site administrator before you become a registered user on our site, you will receive an email that informs you of your login information and the next steps to take.

Step 1: Display the Registration Page

Most likely you will click a link on our site or in an email.

Step 2: Enter Information

Enter your information in the fields and make the required selections. You must enter valid information in the fields that are prefixed with an asterisk.

Note: If you are asked to supply login information: (sometimes your User Name and Password arrives in an email later with the proper login instructions so do not worry if these fields do not display)

  1. For User Name, enter a name that you can easily remember each time you want to log into this site. You must enter at least 5 numbers or letters. You cannot use any special characters from the keyboard (like the - or ?).
  2. For your Password, enter a word or phrase of letters or numbers. You may want to enter a password you can easily remember each time you log in.
  3. Note: The password must contain no spaces and use only valid characters, including letters, digits, and the following special characters: !#$%()*+,-./:;=?@[\]^_`{|}~

  4. Retype your password to verify it.
  5. For a Reminder Hint that the system can display to you if you forget your password, enter a word or a phrase that will help you remember the password you have chosen.

Step 3: Submit the Registration Form

Click the appropriate button (for example, Register or Submit. A confirmation page (or success message along the top of the page) will display.

If your registration cannot be processed, error messages will be displayed along the top of the page and they will usually contain the resolution. Most often the problems include:

  • Information not entered in a required field (which is a field denoted with an asterisk * symbol). To resolve this error, enter the required information.
  • Invalid Password entered, which often means that you have entered an invalid keyboard character. To resolve this error, try entering another password.
  • Passwords do not match. To resolve this error, try entering the password again in both fields.
  • Duplicate user name found. To resolve this error, try entering a variation of the user name (maybe add numbers behind it, like blackcat13).
  • Invalid User Name entered, which often means that you have not entered at least five letters or numbers or entered an invalid special keyboard character. To resolve this error, try entering another name without the keyboard characters in it.

After resolving the errors, follow the steps on the page to finish.

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