Online Help

Accessing your Host Center

You will be able to access your Host Center at the end of the Registration process for your event.  You can also return to your Host Center at any time while the event remains active.

Important: You must be logged in to our site to access your Host Center.

To log in as a registered user and return to your Host Center:

Step 1: Log In to our Site.

Log in as follows:

a         Locate a Log-In box on our Web page or click a Log-In link.

b         Enter your User Name and Password.

c         Click the Remember Me checkbox (optional).

d         Click the Login button. A personal welcome message displays.

Step 2: Display the main page for the activity you are hosting.

Follow any links necessary to access the main page for the activity for which you are hosting an event.

Step 3: Access your Host Center.

a         In the Your Events section of the main page for the activity, locate the link for your event.

b         Click the link to open your Host Center.

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