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Editing your Event Web Page

Your Event Web Page is shown to others who follow a link to attend your event. From the Host Center, you can edit the information on this page and add a photo if you like. (You may also be able to add a video.) You can also create a Personalized URL to make it easy to direct others to your page.

To edit your Event Web page

Step 1: Access your Host Center.

If you are not already in your Host Center, you can log in and access your Host Center as follows:

a         Enter your User name and password and click Log In.

b         Access the main page for your activity.

c         In the Your Events section of the page, click the link for your event to open your Host Center.

Step 2: Click the Event Page tab.

A preview of your Event Web page will display.

Step 3: Click the Edit Event Web Page link.

The editing fields will open.

Step 4: Modify the following, as needed:

u       Event Information -- this is the detailed information about the event that you entered when you created the event; modify this information only if necessary, especially if you have attendees already signed up for the event.

Important: If you modify the Event Information, attendees will automatically be notified that "some of the details of the event have changed."

u       Description of Event -- you may wish to elaborate on your initial description or modify it as needed. (Click here if you have the rich text editor available and need help with the icons.)

Step 5: (optional) Add a photo to the page.

Add a photo as follows:

a         Click the Browse button to open the file selection dialog box.

b         Navigate to the location of the photo on your computer.

c         Select the photo file and click Open in the dialog box. You will return to the Event editing page.

d         Click Upload Image. The photo should display on your page.

Note: To change the photo, click Delete this Image and then Browse for and Upload a new image.

Step 6: (optional) Create a Personalized Event URL.

If you would like to create a shortcut link for your Event Web Page that will be easy to share with your friends:

a         Locate the Personalized URL field at the bottom of the Event Information section.

b         Enter your name or other appropriate text into the field provided. Your entry can contain periods, hyphens, and underscores, but must not contain any spaces. Typical entries might be Joan_Smith or Joan.Smith. The full URL that you can copy and paste in an email or otherwise share with your friends will look something like the following:

Step 7: (optional - may not be available) Add a Video to your page.

If your site has made the option available, you can add a Flash video or YouTube Video to your event page:

a         Locate the Embedded YouTube Video section at the bottom of your Event editing page.

b        Select the "I know the URL of the Flash video file" option, and enter the URL in the space provided, or 

c         Select the "I want to find the video on YouTube" option and enter the URL displayed in YouTube when you watched the video if you already have it, or search for a video as follows:

    1. Enter search keywords and/or author to locate the video.
    2. Click the Search YouTube button to display a list of available videos that match your search terms.
    3. Drag the video thumbnail you want to the Video Preview window to add it to your page.
    4. Play the video to preview it, if you wish.

Tip: You can add both a video AND a photo to your page, but this may make the page a bit busy.

Step 7: Click Finish.

You will return to a preview of your Event Web page.

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