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Registering and Setting up your Event

Our organization will provide a link when we are seeking hosts for an activity. When you click a link to become a host, you will need to provide your own contact information, provide the details of your event, and (in some cases) agree to a waiver and/or answer one or more additional questions. You will then be taken to your Host Center where you can customize your Event Web Page and manage your event online.

To register and set up an event:

Step 1: Access the main page for the activity.

Typically, you will find a link on our Web site or receive a link in an email message.

Step 2: Click the Host an Event link.

This link is present on the main page for the activity.

Step 3: If you are already a registered constituent, Sign In to our Web site.

Your information will populate the Host Information fields and you can click Next to go on to the next page (Step 5).

Step 4: If you are a new constituent, provide your information in the Host Information fields.

a         Enter your contact information.

b         Enter a User Name and Password that will log you into our site and provide you with access to your Host Center. (On some Web sites, steps a and b may be reversed.)

c         Click Next.

Step 5: Provide the following Event Information:

a         Event Title -- the name for your own specific event; this name will be shown to those who are looking for an event to attend

b         Location Name -- (optional) perhaps the name of a restaurant or a hiking trailhead, if applicable

c         Physical Address of your event, including the Street, City, State, and Zip Code

d         Date, Time, and Time Zone for your event. If this activity has a fixed time that has already been determined by our organization, choose your own Time Zone from the drop-down menu provided. The time for your event will adjust for your Time Zone so that all events occur simultaneously. (You will see this change on your Event Web Page when you reach that part of the registration process.)

Important: Use the pop-up calendars to select your dates. You must click on the date to close the pop-up, even when the correct date is already selected. 

e         RSVP deadline for the event. RSVPs are accepted until the end of this day. If the day specified is the day of the event, RSVPs are accepted until the start time of the event, or you can optionally click Walk-ins allowed to accept RSVPs until the end of the event.

f           Maximum number of attendees that you can accommodate

Step 5: Decide whether the event will be open to the public.

If you prefer, you can restrict the event to those whom you specifically invite (private). A private event will not show up in user Searches.

Step 6: Provide a Description of the Event.

a         Enter a description that will appear on your Event Web Page -- together with the event details you provided above. From your Host Center, you will be able to modify this description and add a photo.

Note: If your organization has provided a rich text editor, you can get help with the icons by clicking here.

b         Click Next.

Step 7: Review the Waiver and/or Additional Questions.

a         If we have included a Waiver, review the text, and check the box that agrees to the terms.

b         If we have included Additional Questions, please provide us with your responses.

c         Click Finish.

You will be shown the default Event Web Page that those who follow a link to your event will see. You can edit the Event Page now, access your Host Center, or return to the Host Center at a later time. From the Host Center, you will be able to edit your Event Web page, send email Invitations to your friends, and monitor the guest list.

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