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Sending an Email to Share an Activity from this Site

Social Sites If a Sharing Opportunity link with icons similar to this one displays on a page in this site, you can click the Social Tell-A-Friend Email Icon (Social Tell-A-Friend Email icon) to send a special Tell-A-Friend email about the activity. The email message will contain a link back to an appropriate page on this site where your friends can pursue the activity (for example, make a donation, join your fundraising team, or take a political action alert).

The email addresses to which you will send this are added to the Contacts list in your personal Address Book that is attached to your account. The contact information is private to you and we do not use the information in any way as an organization. The information is maintained to make it easy for you to use in different areas of our site from which you can send email.

You can also click the social site icons to post a comment on your favorite social sites about the activity. The post (or, tweet) will also contain a link back to an appropriate page on this site.

Step 1. Open the Tell-A-Friend Email Form

Click the Social Tell-A-Friend Email Icon (Social Tell-A-Friend Email icon).

Step 2. Enter the Recipient Email Addresses

Enter the email address of each recipient either on a separate line (by pressing the Enter key after typing) or with commas between them.

Step 3. Optionally, Enter a New Subject

If the Subject line is not locked, you can enter additional words or completely change the words to something you prefer. A compelling subject line makes it more likely that the email message will be opened.

Step 4. Enter Message Text

In the Body area, enter a brief message that explains why you are sending this email out. For example, you may want to describe the activity, explain why you are excited about it, and that you want the recipient to pursue it as well.

Step 5. Enter the Challenge String (if displayed)

If the field for entering a code is displayed along with an image of a combination of letters and numbers, enter the exact letters and numbers in the field.

(1) Challenge strings are used to protect our site from being bogged down by non-humans attempting to access and tie it up (for example, by spambots and other software programs).

(2) If you cannot read the string, click the Change Image link. A new string will display.

(3) If you do not enter the string exactly, a new image will display for you to try again.

Step 6. Send the Tell-A-Friend Email

Click Send. The form closes and the site page you were on is displayed again.