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Entering a Gift that Someone Gives To You

If someone gives you cash or a check (or promises to pay you later), you can record this gift before turning it into the organization so that the system can keep track of it for your fundraising totals. Cash, check, or pay-later gifts that you enter are unconfirmed until the administrative staff of the organization receives the cash or check in-hand and marks them confirmed.

In some cases, recording the gift may immediately update your fundraising amounts and goal (if applicable) that displays on your Personal Page and My Progress page as well as the Team totals on the Team Page if you are a member of a team. In other cases, you may need to wait until the actual cash or check is received by the organization and the gift is marked as confirmed.

You may also be able to enter a credit-card payment for a gift, which will be a confirmed gift because credit-card payments are processed when you enter them.

In addition to gifts for your personal fundraising efforts, you may also be able to enter gifts given in support of the team on which you are participating if allowed by the organization.

Step 1. Display the Gift Entry Page

To record a gift given in support of:

  • Your personal fundraising efforts, access your Participant Center Home page and click Enter new gift from the navigation area on the right side of the page.

    Note: You can also click Progress from the top navigation and then click Enter a new gift from the navigation on the right side of that page.
  • Your entire team:
  1. Access your Participant Center Home page and click Progress from the top navigation. Your personal progress report page displays.
  2. Click Team from the navigation on the right side of the page. The progress report page for the team displays.
  3. Click Enter a new gift from the navigation area on the right side of the page.

Step 2. Enter the Name, Email Address, and Residential Address of the Donor

  1. Click into the First field and enter the first name of the donor.
  2. Click into the Last field and enter the last name of the donor.
  3. Optionally, click into the:
    • Email field and enter the email address at which the donor receives email.
    • Street 1 field and enter the residential or mailing address of the donor.
    • Street 2 field and enter additional address information (such as a suite or apartment number) of the donor.
    • City field and enter the city that corresponds to the street information above.
    • State field and enter the two-letter abbreviation for the corresponding state.
    • ZIP field and enter the five-digit ZIP or postal code that corresponds to the information supplied above.

Step 3. Optionally, Enter the Name to Display in the Gift List

If the donor has asked to have a different name associated with this gift (such as a nickname or the Smith Family), click into the Recognition Name field and enter the name to display in gift lists associated with this gift.

Step 4. Enter the Gift Amount

Click into the Gift Amount field and enter the monetary amount of the gift.

Step 5. Select How the Gift Payment Will Be Made

To record a:

  • Cash payment, leave the Cash option button selected.
  • Check payment, click the Check option button and then, in the Check Number field that displays, enter the number on the check.
  • Promised gift, click the Pay Later option button.
  • Credit card payment:
  1. Click the Credit Card option button. Credit card information fields area displayed.
  2. If the billing name and address on the credit card is the:
    • Same as the information you entered above, click the Copy button to fill in the information from above.
    • Different than the information you entered above, enter and select the appropriate information for the Billing Address.
  3. Click into the Credit Card Number field and type in the numbers shown on the donor’s card.
  4. If the Verification Code field is displayed, enter the three-digit code on the back of the card.
  5. Click the Month and Year Expiration drop-down menus and click the appropriate expiration date on the card.

Step 6. Process this Transaction

If this gift is:

  • The only one, click Add. The Gift Entry page closes and the previously viewed page displays again.
  • One of several gifts to enter, click Save and Add Another. Your current gift entry is saved and a new Gift Entry page displays. (Repeat the above steps.)