Online Help

Checking In Online for Your Fundraising Event

If the organization has an online check-in that you can complete before the event, a link to go to the online check-in will be available on the Home Page of your Participant Center. You may be required to have raised a minimum amount of money before you can complete the online check-in, but you can get started with the online check-in process in many cases to review rules, electronically okay special waivers, supply medical and prescription information, and so on. You may also be able to pay, or pledge to pay, the difference between the amount you have raised and the minimum amount required to complete the online check-in.

To pay the amount off now, you can make an instant self-pledge. Clicking a link for an instant self-pledge will display an online donation form that you can complete and use your credit card to pay the remaining amount in full.

If you want to wait until the posted deadline date for raising funds, you can make a delayed self-pledge online. Clicking a link for a delayed self-pledge displays the online donation form where you pay a nominal processing fee (for example $10) with your credit card and then make the final payment later if you have not raised the amount required per the instructions of the organization. After the fundraising deadline, the system calculates how much money you still owe and converts the amount to a recurring gift amount. You will receive an email that informs you how much money is owed and the payment schedule for paying off the amount. Note that you may monitor this pledge through the Service Center (refer to Using the Gift Service Center).

An item or service (such as towel service for a multiple day event) may be available for purchase from the online check-in. If you select this item or service, the amount will be charged in addition to any fundraising minimum amount owed and will be displayed on the online donation form.

Step 1: Access the Online Check-In Page

After accessing your Participant Center Home page, click ther, click the Check In Online link (from the options along the right side of the page).

Step 2: Complete the Online Check-In Steps

Click through each step and follow the instructions on each page.

Step 3: Make Your Payment Selection

Click the Instant Self Pledge or Delayed Self-Pledge link. A donation form opens in a separate browser window.

Step 4: Enter Your Payment Information

  1. Complete any necessary information on the form displayed (such as selecting the most appropriate payment plan option for the amount you may owe) and carefully read any payment information.
  2. From the Select a Payment Type drop-down menu, to pay:
    • With your credit card:
    1. Click the appropriate Credit Card type radio button to indicate which credit card you will be using to pay for any Setup Fees and your initial seed gift if you have entered one.
    2. Click into the Card Number field and enter your card number. You can include spaces or type the number without them.
    3. If the Verification Code field displays, click into it and enter the CVC number from your credit card.
      Note: The CVC code is intended to be used as verification that you have the card in-hand and is not kept or displayed on your receipt.
    4. Click the Expiration month drop-down menu and select the appropriate option.
    5. Click the Expiration year drop-down menu and select the appropriate option.
    • By a withdrawal from your bank account: (if this section displays)
    1. Click Bank Account Withdrawal from the drop-down list. The Bank Account Withdrawal Information fields display.
    2. Click into the Bank Routing Number field and enter the routing number that your bank has given you.
    3. Click into the Bank Account Number field and enter the numbers of your bank account.
    4. Click into the Verify Bank Account Number field and enter the same numbers you entered above

Step 5: Submit the Payment

Click the Next button. The Review Gift page displays.

Step 6: Confirm and Process Your Payment

After carefully checking the information shown on the page, click the Process button. When the system finishes processing your payment, your receipt displays.

Step 7: Print Your Receipt

Click the Printer Friendly Version link at the bottom of the page, and then follow your normal print procedures.

Note: It is important to take note of the following items on the receipt:

  • Tracking code, which you must provide if you have any questions about your donation.
  • Organization's Tax ID, which you may need when you are filling out your tax information.