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Working with Your Personal Page

Your Personal Page is a Web page on our site that your family and friends can visit to give a donation that supports your fundraising efforts. Although the default page contains the essential tool that enables visitors to make a donation, you can customize your page to make it a creative expression of your commitment to our mission. From experience, we know that a compelling Web page will attract and engage people who visit your site.

Note: If this team fundraising event is linked to the previous one and you participated in that event, you may have access to your Personal Page from that event and may only need to do some minor work on it to update the page now.

To preview your Personal Page now, click the Your Personal Page link from the very top of the page (above the navigation options).

You can direct your family and friends to your Personal Page in several different ways. You can:

To make your page easier to find or remember, you can make a shorter or personalized URL to your page (for example, you can use your name or a nickname).

If you do not want your page available to the general public, you can set the page to Private. This means the link to the page will not display to people who search the TeamRaiser event, and only those who know the exact Web address (or, your Personal Page URL) can display your Personal Page. This can be helpful if you are working on the page and do not want to release it until you are ready.

Note: By default, your page is available immediately after registration unless Personal Pages are automatically set to Private until an administrator approves them. If you access your Personal Page and the Setting indicates the page is Private, you will receive email notification when the page changes have been approved.

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