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Customizing the Team Page

Your Team Page is a Web page on our site that people can visit to find a team member or give a donation that supports the fundraising efforts of the entire team. Although the default page contains the essential tool that enables visitors to make a donation, you can customize this page to make it a creative expression of the team commitment to our mission. From experience, we know that a compelling Web page will attract and engage people who visit your site.

To preview your Team Page now, click the Visit Your Team Page link from the very top of the page (above the navigation options).

You can add a description of the people who make up the team or the reason why you came together as a team to participate in this event in the content area.

You can quickly and easily upload a graphics file that contains some type of graphics image, such as a digital photo of the team, and add a caption to it. The file containing the image must be a .jpg or .png and is subject to a size limitation. The valid file type and size information will display as page instructions in the photo insertion area.

Notes about Image Files: When you upload a .jpg or .png, the system automatically resizes the image to fit in the designated page space as well as in a thumbnail area. To avoid distortion, the system resizes your photo starting with the largest dimension of the height or width to equal the valid measurement, and then sizes the other dimension in perspective. For example, if your original photo is 8x10, the system will resize the 10-inch height to 6 inches and the width to 4.8 inches. Before you upload your image file, you may want to open it in your favorite graphics application and resize or crop the image for the best fit especially if the photo is quite large.

To make your page easier to find or remember, you can create a shortcut to the Web address of the page using the team name.

Step 1. Display Your Team Page Work Area

After accessing your Participant Center Home page, click Team Page from the options along the top of the page.

Step 2: Add Your Story

  1. In the Body area editor pane, type or paste in your content. Note: You cannot paste in text directly from some editors, such as Microsoft Word. Instead, save your file as a plain text file and then copy the content for pasting into this editor.
  2. Use the formatting tools to customize the font, its size, its color, or alignment. For assistance, refer to Working in the Rich Text Editor.
  3. To keep from losing your work, click Save (near the bottom of the page).
  4. Click Preview (near the bottom of the page). A separate browser window opens to display your Personal Page.
  5. Close the Preview page and make any necessary changes.
  6. Repeat the previous two steps as many times as necessary.

Step 3: Upload Your Photo or Image File

  1. Click Browse. The file selection pop-up displays.
  2. After locating the file on your local computer or shared network resource, click the file and click Open (or equivalent). The name of the file now displays in the File Name field.
  3. Click Save/Upload. The successful update message and the image thumbnail displays on the page.
  4. Click Preview (near the bottom of the page). A separate browser window opens to display your Personal Page.
  5. Close the Preview page and make any necessary changes.

(1) To replace the file with another one, repeat the steps above to upload another file that will replace the existing one.

(2) To remove the image completely, click remove photo.

Step 4: Add a Caption

Optionally, enter an appropriate word, phrase, or sentence in the Caption field that explains the significance of this image.

Step 5: Save Your Page

When you are finished, click Save. The Team Page content was saved successfully saved message displays across the top of the page.