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Managing Your Tenting Information

If your fundraising event will span multiple days and has the tenting feature configured, you can arrange your tenting accommodations from the Home Page of your Participant Center.

You can search for a participant who is available to be selected as a tentmate and invite the person to be your tentmate, or you can sign up for a random tent assignment to be made by event personnel if you do not know anyone to request.

In many cases, you must meet the eligibility requirements (for example, meeting a fundraising minimum amount) in order to search for and select someone to be your tentmate. You can invite a participant who has not met the eligibility requirements, but your tent assignment cannot be confirmed by event personnel until that participant meets them.

Note: The location of your tent and any additional instructions may not be available until a date closer to the event so you must check your Tenting information page from time to time for updates.

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