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Making Your Personal Page Private

By default, all fundraising campaigns are Public, which means that anyone can search for you by name and display your Personal Page to make a donation on your behalf. You can mark your campaign Private to keep your name from displaying in the Search Results lists. For example, you may only want special people that you invite to your Personal Page when you are constructing or personalizing the page.

Step 1: Click the Make My Campaign Public Link

Access the Participant Center, locate the Make my campaign private link on the right side of the page, and click it. The link is replaced by the Make my campaign public link and your campaign will no longer be listed in search results.

(1) You can personalize the Web Address to make it easier for people who invite to view your page. For more information, refer to Personalizing the Web Address of Your Personal Page

(2) To make your Personal Page public again, access the Participant Center and click the Make my campaign public link. The link is replaced by the Make my campaign private link.