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Joining an Existing Team Associated with a Local Company

If you have friends or coworkers that have already registered as a team, you can join them in their fundraising effort. In most cases, you can access the Participant Center to create your Personal Web page that tells why you are raising funds. You can also view your Team page to see how much progress your entire team has made.

Step 1: Display the Join or Form a Team Page

  1. Click the appropriate link to display the fundraising event home page (sometimes referred to as the Greeting page). This link may be available from another page on your site, on your company intranet, or in an email you received.
  2. Click the link to join an existing team.

Step 2: Locate the Team

Enter all or part of the team in the Team Name field and click the Search for a Team button.

Note: If you participated in a previous team fundraising event, you may be able to form or join the same team. Be sure to enter the name of the team exactly. If the Form again link displays at the top of the page, you can start the team up again and you may also be able to indicate that you want to take on the captain role if no one else has. If the team has been formed again in this event by the original Team Captain or another team member, a Join link will display in the message at the top of the page.

If the team is competing within a specific Division or group, click the appropriate Division from the Team Division drop-down list and click the Search for a Team button.

(a) You can use any combination of the fields and drop-down lists to display the smallest number of search results.

(b) After you click the Search for a Team button, the list of teams that match the criteria will display in a Search Results Lists below the search criteria fields.

Step 3: Select the Team

Click the Join link for the team. The Select Your Participation Type page displays.

Note: You can click the name link for the team to view the team members and then click the Join link on the Team page.