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Joining an Existing Team Associated With a National Team

If you work for a larger company with multiple locations throughout the country, your company may support or encourage their employees to compete together in teams associated with the National Team company.

National Team companies are set up in the system in advance and presented in a selection list to make sure they are represented correctly by name, locations, and so on.


Step 1: Display the Team Page for the National Team Company

  1. Click the appropriate link to display the fundraising event home page (sometimes referred to as the Greeting page). This link may be available from another page on your site, on your company intranet, or in an email you received.
  2. Locate the list of links containing the Company List link and click it.
  3. Click the name of the National Team company from the list displayed.

Note: In some cases, the names of the National Team companies (especially those sponsoring the event) may display and be clicked directly on the fundraising event home page without following this step.

Step 2: Locate the Appropriate Fundraising Event

Click the Participate in an event link. The list of events in which this National Team company can be associated displays.

To narrow the list to show the events being conducted in a specific:

  • City, enter all or part of the name of a city in the City field and click Search.
  • State, click the state abbreviation from the State drop-down list and click the Search button.

Step 3: Select the Team to Join

Click Join team from the Actions column of the National Team event. The Select Your Participation Type page displays.