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Using a Social Media Widget

A Scoial Media Banner Ad or Progress Meter Widget allows you to help raise awareness and money for any cause you care about when you place it on your social networking pages, blogs, or other Web pages where HTML content can be published. The Widget is composed of a graphical image and the necessary HTML code to direct people, in a single click, to an activity on our Web site (like the registration page for an event in which you are participating).

Click here to view a sample of a Social Media Widget.

In addition, the Widget tracks the number of people who click the Widget image and take action on the page displayed to them, and updates this information in the Widget Component from which you copied the HTML Snippet so you can see how many people you have directed to the site. For assistance, refer to Monitoring Widget Component Statistics.

(a) You must be logged into our site to use the Widget.

(b) The first time you see the Widget you must click the Accept button to get to the HTML snippet.


Publishing the Widget on a Web Destination Page

To publish the Widget on a destination target page, you simply have to get and copy the HTML code snippet, paste it in the destination page, and publish it.

The first time you want to use the Widget from a page, you must click the Accept button to get to the HTML Snippet. When you come back to the page, the Widget will be in the Get Snippet or Hide Snippet state so you can get the HTML code snippet again, update your goal, or simply monitor how many people have used it.

To copy and publish the Widget:

Step 1: Open the Destination Page Where You Will Place the Widget

Open your destination page (for example, the social networking page or blog page) and be sure it is ready to accept source HTML. In many cases, you must click a checkbox to View Source in order to paste HTML code correctly.

Step 2: Display the HTML Code Snippet for the Widget

  1. Back on our site, click the Accept button. The Get Snippet page for the Widget displays.
  2. Notes:
    (a) You can enter a new goal in the Goal field before you click the Accept button. Or, you can enter your goal later.

    (b) If you have already used the Widget once, you will see the Widget in either the Get Snippet or Hide Snippet state.

  3. Click the Get Snippet button. The HTML code displays in a small window.

Step 3: Copy the HTML Code Snippet

  1. Carefully place your cursor at the beginning of the snippet and highlight the entire snippet of code.
  2. Right-click and click Copy from the menu displayed (or, use your keyboard shortcut for Copy).

Step 4: Paste the HTML Code Snippet

Go to your target destination page and paste in the HTML Code.

Step 5: Preview Your Widget

If your target destination page has a preview function, it is a good idea to look at the Widget to be sure you have copied it completely.

Step 6: Publish Your Target Destination Page

Publish the HTML content following the guidelines or procedures for your target destination page.

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Monitoring Widget Component Statistics

Once you have placed the Widget on a page or blog, simply return to the page from you which copied it to view information about how many people have used the Widget and the progress toward the goal set for it.

To update your goal: Type a new amount in the New Goal field and click the Update button.

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