Registering and Logging Into this Web Site

For many actions on our web site, you must be a registered user (or, constituent) and have a user account with a unique User Name and Password combination for logging in.

You may have become a registered user automatically when you interacted in some way with our site where you entered at least your name and email address. If so, you should have received an email confirming your registration and details about your User Name and Password.

If you are unsure, you can attempt to recover your login information instead of creating a new account.

If you do not have an account, you can manually register by completing a short form on a registration page on our web site (typically accessed by clicking a link on a site page or in an email). Or, you may also be able to quickly and easily create your account on our site via one of your favorite social networking sites (like Facebook or Twitter) and then use the same User Name and Password combination to log into both sites. Note: This an optional feature and may not be available on all sites.

The information you enter, such as the biographical and address information and certain preferences about your interactions with our site is stored in a user account, or Profile. You can log in and access your account to add or modify information at any time.

(1) No credit card numbers that you may enter for an online monetary transaction (for example, for a donation, registration fee, or ticket purchase) are retained or stored in your account at any time.

(2) Your password is encrypted in your account, but you can recover it or get it reset if you have forgotten it or cannot log into your account.

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