Online Help

Locating Stories of Interest

You can use the search utility to locate stories that match your current interest on the same subject as the currently featured story or that match all of your interests. You can also search for stories in a specific topic area of interest.

Step 1: Display the Story Home Page

Click the News link from the navigation area. The Story or News home page displays with the featured stories along with a list of links to other stories as well as the search fields.

Step 2: Specify the Type of Story to Display

Click the appropriate radio button or click the topic drop-down list and click a topic. The Article Search page displays with a list of stories that match your selected interest or topic.

Step 3: Locate a Story from the List

  1. Enter your search criteria in the Search field.
  2. To look for an article with a specific published date, click the Publish Date is checkbox and select your search criteria from the drop-down lists displayed.
  3. Click the Find Article button. The stories that match your search criteria display in the list.

Step 4: Display the Story

Click the Headline link for the appropriate story.