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Changing your Response for an Event

If you need to cancel your attendance or change the number of guests you are bringing for an event, you can make these changes from the main Web page for the event. You must log in with your User Name and Password to access this page. 

To access the main page for your event and change your RSVP:

Step 1: Log in to our site.

Log in as follows:

a         Locate a Log In box on our Web page or click a Log In link.

b         Enter your User Name and Password.

c         Click the Remember Me checkbox (optional).

d         Click the Login button. A personal welcome message displays.

Step 2: Access the Event Web page.

Access the Event Web page as follows:

a         Access the main page for the general Activity. This is the same page where you originally checked, "Find an Event to Attend."

b         In the Your Events section of the activity page, click the link for the appropriate event. This action will open the Event Web page.

Step 3: Change your RSVP information.

On the Event Web Page:

a         Click Change My RSVP.

b         Change your registration information, as needed.

c         Click Finish to return to the Event page.

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