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Creating a Customized Shortcut to the Company Page URL

You can create a shortcut to your Company Page by customizing the Web address (or, URL) to make it shorter and easier to remember when sharing it with other people. The customized Web address will contain our site name, followed by the phrase goto, and end with the name of the company (or a shortened version, like the acronym).

Step 1. Display Your Team Page Work Area

After accessing your Participant Center Home page, click Company Page from the options along the top of the page.

Step 2. Display the Edit Options

In the Company Page URL area, click Edit.

Step 3: Enter the Text for the Web Address

Click into the field and type the text you want to use. You may only use letters and numbers as well as the period (.), dash (-), and underscore (_) characters from your keyboard. To avoid problems, do not leave any spaces between your entry.

Note: If the organization site address is and you enter the company acronym, AMGB, the Web address that you would give to people would be

Step 4: Save Your Changes

Click Save. The Edit fields close as the The shortcut was updated successfully message and the new personalized Web address display.

Note: You can copy the URL and paste it into an email.