Online Help

Selecting Your Team Participation

To participate in a team fundraising event, you can:

  • Form a team and recruit members for it from your friends, coworkers, or family. You may also be able to associate your team with a company, like the one that you work for or one that is in your neighborhood. When you form a team, we consider you as the captain of that team.
  • Join a team that has already been formed by a friend, coworker, or family member. Some companies are also associated with teams.
  • Participate as an Individual without being part of a specific team. In some cases, you may also associate your participation with a company.
  • Switch to another team after registering with another Team or as an individual Participant.
  • Leave a Team to compete as an individual Participant.

To determine if a team has already been formed (for example, to verify if a name is taken, see if someone you know has joined it, or if a specific company is associated with any teams yet), refer to Finding a Team.