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Forming a Team Associated with a Local Company

In most team fundraising events, the company that you work for may want to sponsor or be associated with its employees in their fundraising effort. If the company has only one location or decides it wants to support your team for this event, you can associate your team with it when you form the team.

You can select most companies involved in the event from the Company selection drop-down list displayed when you register. If the Company name does not display, you most likely can enter its name to add it to the list.

When you start your own team, you are the captain of the team and are responsible for recruiting more members for your team. You can create a special Team page with a picture and story as well as monitor the fundraising progress of your team. For assistance, refer to Leading a Team as a Team Captain.

Step 1: Display the Team Information Fields

Click the link to form a new team that displays on the Greeting page of the fundraising event (which may be the default Click here to form a new team) or the the appropriate link in an email you have received.

Step 2: Enter Your Team Name (REQUIRED)

In the Team Name field, enter a label to use for your team on the Team Page and in lists that show fundraising statistics.

Note: If you participated in a previous team fundraising event, you may be able to form or join the same team. Be sure to enter the name of the team exactly. If the Form again link displays at the top of the page, you can start the team up again and you may also be able to indicate that you want to take on the captain role if no one else has. If the team has been formed again in this event by the original Team Captain or another team member, a Join link will display in the message at the top of the page.

Step 3: Specify the Company Associated With (or Supporting) Your Team

In the Team Company field, if your company has:

  • Already been defined in the system, click the drop-down list and click the name of your company.
  • Not been defined in the system yet, click the Enter a new company button and enter the name of the company in the field provided.

Step 4: Optionally, Select the Division Under Which Your Company Team Will Compete

If the Team Division drop-down list displays, click the name of the appropriate division from the list to group your team to compete with others in the division.

Step 5: Set the Fundraising Goal for the Team

If the Team Fundraising Goal field is visible, enter the monetary amount that your team intends to raise.

(1) Setting a goal to work towards can make this event more fun and rewarding.
(2)This field does not display if the event does not support goals.

Step 6: Save Your Team Information and Continue

Click Next Step. The Select Your Participation Options page displays.