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Searching for a TeamRaiser Event Using Event Information

You can search for a TeamRaiser event by entering its name or part of its name. To locate events in a specific city, county, or state, you can enter the name of the city or county and select the state from the drop-down list.

Using a combination of this information will provide the most accurate search results.

To locate events that are close to a certain ZIP Code (for example, the ZIP Code of your home or office), refer to Searching for an Event By Distance.

Step 1: Enter Event Information Search Criteria

Enter as much information as you know in the search criteria fields displayed.

(1) You MUST enter information in at least one field or an error will display. Because there are typically thousands of events running, it would take too much processing time to display the entire list.
(2) You can enter only the first few letters of the event, city, or county if you are unsure of the spelling.
(3) Use combinations of the fields to display more accurate search results.

Step 3: Perform Your Search

Click the Search button. The list of events that match your search criteria displays in a Search Results list on the same page.

Step 4: Display the Event Greeting Page

Locate the event and click its link. The Greeting page for that event will display with links/options for continuing.

For example, to participate in this event by forming or joining a team, click the Form team or Join team button/link. Or, if a donation button displays, you can click it to make an online gift to the cause of this event.