Online Help

Using the Quick Search to Locate a Participant in this Fundraiser Event

With the Quick Search component that displays a search criteria field and the Go button, you can quickly search this TeamRaiser event to locate a registered participant to make a donation to support that participant or join them in their fundraising effort.

To search for a registered participant: Enter all or part of the name of the participant and click Go.

Click the link associated with the participant to display their Personal Page. On that page, you can click the:

  • Support (participant name) button/link near the top of the page or the Make a gift link under their fundraising status thermometer to make a donation. For assistance, refer to Supporting a Participant with Your Gift.
  • Join participant's Team to register for this event on the same team. For assistance, refer to Registering as a Participant.
  • Team name to display the Team page for the team that this participant has joined where you can view the names of the Team Captain and other members. From the status indicators, you may also determine who has given gifts to this team or its team members.

Note: If the participant has a blog on the page, you can make a comment if you are a registered user. For assistance, refer to Posting a Comment to a Personal Page Blog.