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Searching for a National or Regional Team

In many team fundraising events, companies with multiple locations will support teams of their employees in the various location in events of the same type (such as Races or Walk-a-thons). These companies can be National Teams or Regional Teams companies. The list of National or Regional Teams companies is typically available on the event Greeting or Company List page.

From a National or Regional Teams company page, you can search for all of the events in which that company will support teams. You can search for a specific event by name or for the available events in a specific city or state.

Step 1: Display a National Teams or Regional Teams Company Page

On the event Greeting page, click the link of a National or Regional Teams company.

Or, if no links are on this page, click the Company List page to display the list of National and Regional Teams and click the appropriate link for the company.

Step 2: Display the Search Page

Click the Participate in an event link.

Step 3: Locate a National Team Event

To view a listing of events in which this National or Regional Teams company is associated:

  • Click the Show All button to list all of the events possible.
  • Within a specific city, enter all or part of the name of a city in the City field and click the Search button.
  • Within a state, click the state abbreviation from the State drop-down list and click the Search button.

Next Step

If you plan to:

  • Start a new team in this event, click Start new team from the Actions column. Continue with Forming a New Team.
  • Join one of the teams already create, click Join existing team from the Actions column. Joining an Existing Team.