Online Help

Searching for a Participant

You can display the Basic Search page and locate a person who has registered as a participant by entering all or part of their first name or last name, or both. To enter more information to narrow your search results, use the Advanced Search.

Step 1: Display the Search Page

On the Greeting page, click the Click here to find a team or participant link from the list of options. The Basic Search page displays with the Search for a participant radio button selected.

Tip: If you are not on the Greeting page, you may need to log in to the site, locate the list of current fundraising events, and click the appropriate event to display the Greeting page.

Step 2: Enter Search Criteria

On the Basic Search page, enter all or part of the first name in the First Name field, and all or part of the last name in the Last Name field.

Or, click the Advanced Search link to display more search criteria fields, and then, to search for a participant:

  • In a different event, click the appropriate option from the Event drop-down list.
  • On a specific team, enter all or part of the name in the Team Name field. Note that you do not have to enter the beginning letters (for example, entering brown will return TeamBrown, BrownBaggers, TheBrownleys, and so on).
  • Competing for a company, enter all or part of the name of the company.
  • Competing on a team in a specific division, click the appropriate option from the Division drop-down list.

Note: Use combinations of the fields to yield more accurate search results.

Step 3: Perform Your Search

Click the Search button. The list of participants that match the search criteria displays in a Search Results list on the same page.

Step 4: Locate the Participant and Display their Personal Page

Click the link that displays the name of the participant. The Personal Page of the participant displays and you can begin the donation process. For assistance with making the donation, refer to Supporting a Participant with Your Gift.

(1) The button to make a donation on behalf of the participant typically displays on the top of the panel inset on the page. You can also use the Make a gift link if it displays on a status indicator on the page.

(2) To view the Team Page if this participant is working with a team, click the Team button and then click the link for participant name again to return to the Personal Page again.

(3) If you decide to abandon this donation and join the team to participate in the event, click the Join team button or link and follow the instructions on the page displayed.

(4) If the participant has a blog on the page, you can make a comment if you are a registered user. For assistance, refer to Posting a Comment to a Personal Page Blog.