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Sending an Email To Your Teammates

You can quickly and easily send an email to all of the people on your team. For example, you can send a meeting notice or ask a question.

Step 1. Display the Compose Message Page

After accessing your Participant Center Home page, click Send Email from the navigation on the right side of the page

To access this page from the:

  • Top navigation of any Participant Center page, click EMAIL.
  • Contacts list in your address book, click the checkboxes next to the names of the intended recipients (or, click select All in the upper right) and then click Compose Message. Note that you do not have to click any recipients if you want to enter different names.
  • List of saved message drafts that have not yet been sent, click Drafts and then click the name of the message (which is typically the subject line).
  • List of messages that you have already sent:
  1. Click Sent. The Sent messages list page displays.
  2. Click the name of the message (which is typically the subject line). The details of the message display.
  3. Click Forward.

Step 2: Identify the Recipients

  1. Click the TeamRaiser PC2 Individuals/Groups Toggle (Individuals/Groups) toggle.
  2. From the list of groups, click Teammates.
  3. Click the Compose Message option near the top of the page.

Step 3. Enter the Subject of the Email Message

Click into the Subject area and type in the phrase that you want recipients to see when they view their email message list.

It is important to use details that will not be considered SPAM or JUNK. For example, entering the phrase "Important Meeting Notice" may not trigger the SPAM or JUNK filters of many of the popular email applications while "Hello" may trigger the filters.

Step 4. Add the Name of the Recipient to the Message

Click the Add Personalized Greeting checkbox. The first name of each recipient (the default greeting) will be added to the salutation. (Note that sometimes the greeting maybe changed to the word Friend or the salutation "Dear" may also be replaced. You will see this when you Preview your message.

Step 5. Compose the Content of Your Teammate Email

To use a templated message (either one you saved or one provided by us):

  1. Click Use a Template (located below the Subject area).
  2. From the Types displayed, click the appropriate type to view the available templates (or, click Other).
  3. Click the preferred template.
    Note: The message content from the first template of the type selected displays in the Content Editor, and as you click a template, the suggested message content from that message displays.

To paste in content you copied from another source, click into the Content Editor and press the Ctrl + V keys on your keyboard (or the Paste icon in the Editor toolbar). Important: Some word processing programs use proprietary coding that may make your copied content paste in incorrectly. You may have to try saving your original content file as a Rich Text Formatted (RTF) file and then copy the content.

To manually type it , click into the Content Editor and enter your message text. If the Content Editor has toolbars and formatting tools, you can change the font, its size, or its color, make content bold or italic, format lists, and so on. Refer to Using the Rich Text Editor.

Or, you can use the content from an email you sent in the past.

Step 6. Run Spell Checker on Your Email Content

Click the Spell Checker tool and make any necessary changes as suggested.

Step 7. Select Your Stationery

If stationery options are displayed, click the one you prefer. (Note that stationery defines certain elements to display in the margins around the content.)

Step 8. Preview Your Message

  1. Click Preview. The message displays similar to how it will look to a recipient.
  2. When you are finished, click Edit to display the Compose page again unless you are ready to send it as is.

Step 9. Send Your Email or Save It

If you want to:

  • Send your email now, click Send. The success message displays along the top of the page and the fields on this Compose page are cleared so you can send another one.
  • Save this message and work on it or send it later, click Save as draft. The success message displays along the top of the field.
  • Save this message as a template before you send it, so you can reuse the content, click Save as template. The Subject line is saved as the title of your template and the template will display in the Template list.

Step 10. Save the Sent Email as a Template

If you have already sent the email:

  1. Click Sent (from the options on the right). A list of sent email messages displays.
  2. Click the name of the message. The Compose Message page displays with the Subject and content of the original message.
  3. Click Save as template. The Subject line is saved as the title of your template and the template will display in the Template list.