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Searching for a TeamRaiser Event By ZIP/Postal Code

You can search for a TeamRaiser event that is close to your home or to your office by entering ZIP/Postal Code information and specifying the radius for the search.

To locate events by event name, city, state, or county, refer to Searching for a TeamRaiser Event Using Event Information.

Step 1: Enter Your ZIP Code

Enter the five number ZIP Code from which to base your search.

Step 2: Select the Distance

From the Distance drop-down list, click the radius in which to conduct the search. For example, to search in a 20-mile circle around the ZIP, click 20 mi.

Step 3: Perform Your Search

Click the Search button. The list of events that match your search criteria displays in a Search Results list on the same page.

Step 4: Display the Event Greeting Page

Locate the event and click its link. The Greeting page for that event will display with links/options for continuing.

For example, to participate in this event by forming or joining a team, click the Form team or Join team button/link. Or, if a donation button displays, you can click it to make an online gift to the cause of this event.