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Using the Contacts List in the Email Area of Your Participant Center

A list of email addresses of the people you contact via emails from the Email area of your Participant Center and those who donate to you is automatically generated and maintained in the Email area of your Participant Center. You can add more of your friends and family to this Contacts list by importing contacts that you maintain in other online contact lists or address books in email services that you use, like Google gmail, Yahoo! mail, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, AOL, and Apple. You can also manually enter contacts.

IMPORTANT: Neither our organization or Convio (who powers our web site) will send unsolicited, or spam, email to these contacts or sell the information to a third party. This information is strictly for your use.

In addition to making it easier to send emails in just a couple of clicks, you can use your Contacts list to help you monitor the actions taken on the emails you send from your Participant Center. For example, the system tracks when someone you have sent an email makes a donation to you. You may also be able to see who has opened your email, clicked the link to visit your Personal Page on our site, and so on. A followup icon displays next to the name of contacts to remind you about acknowledging the donation they made to you.

The system automatically uses groups to keep track of the contacts in your list who:

  • Have not made a donation so you can easily send these non-donors another email to remind them about your fundraising activity
  • You have never emailed yet (for example, new contacts you have entered or imported since the original support appeals were sent out) so you can be sure to send them your appeal for support
  • Are your teammates so you can communicate with them about meetings, the event, and so on
  • Are not on your team so you can send these non-teammates an email to recruit them for your team
  • Have made donations so you can be sure to email a personal thank you

You can quickly and easily email the contacts in a group by selecting the Group name and then clicking the Compose Message action.

You can also create your own groups (for example, a Coworkers group or a Family group) and add the appropriate contacts to them to make it a snap to send them all a certain email at one time.

By default, your Contacts list displays all of the individual people in the Individuals pane and all groups in the Groups pane accessed by the Groups tab.

Note: If this fundraising event is linked to the previous TeamRaiser event or you have worked in another area of our site with a Contacts List, you most likely will already have contacts in your Participant Center Contacts List.

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For information about sending email using the Contacts List, refer to Sending Email About this Fundraising Event from Your Participant Center.