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Participant Center Home Page

In your Participant Center home page, find information about your fundraising progress, activities, and tools you can use to raise money and communicate with your friends, family, and teammates.

Click one of the following links to learn about:

Top Menu

The top of this page contains the following features:

  • Welcome message that greets you with the name associated with the User Name used to log into the account. In some instances, you may have more than one account.
  • Profile link to view the biographical and address information entered for your account on our website as well as interests that determine the content displayed to you for any special interests, preferences for receiving email from our site, any social network accounts linked to this account, and so on.
  • Log Out link to log out of this session and close your Participant Center page.
  • EMAIL tab to display the Email area where you can compose and send correspondence about the event to appeal for monetary support, for people to join your team, to thank people who supported you with a gift, and so on.
  • PROGRESS tab to display more detailed information about your fundraising progress, such as charts and lists that show when people have given gifts to support your fundraising and the highest ten gift amounts along with the names of the donors who gave them.
  • PERSONAL PAGE tab to display your personal fundraising web page on our site for you to edit. You can work with your page to add a story, a photo or video, create a shortcut to it that you can use to direct others to it, and make it private if you do not want people to find it when searching.
  • TEAM PAGE tab (if you are participating on a team or are a team captain) to display the fundraising web page for your team. If you have the appropriate permissions, you can edit this page to add a story and photo as well as work with the team name or add a shortcut to the page that you can use to direct others to it.

The name of the team you are participating with (if any) and the Help link displays in the upper right.

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Progress Meter

Under Overview, a progress meter displays to show the amount of money collected by you against the total you expect to collect.

You can also see the:

  • Amount of money collected to support your fundraising efforts, either by your family members and friends or by you if you gave a donation when you registered for this
  • Amount of money you need to raise to make the amount of money you set for a goal when you registered for this event (subtract the I HAVE RAISED amount from the MY GOAL amount)

    Note: If you want to change your fundraising goal (for example, you have already exceeded the goal and plan to raise more), click the change link next to MY GOAL, type in your new amount on the pop-up that displays, and click Submit.
  • Percentage of your goal collected to date
  • Number of days remaining for raising money before the main event (such as a run or walk) takes place

To view more details, charts, and lists about the gifts you have received, as well as change your donation notification status, click the Progress tab at the top of the page.

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What Next Suggestion Area

The What to do next suggestion area displays below the Progress area to help you maximize your fundraising potential by giving suggestions about tasks to perform. The suggestions typically display as links that you can click to get started on the task.

For example, the first task displayed when opening your Participant Center is Set up your Personal Page, which is the externally facing Web page that to which you can direct your family and friends so they can make an online gift to support your fundraising efforts. Although this page displays with some default information, you can customize the page to tell your story about why you are raising funds for this cause and also place a picture of you or something very important to you on the page to help influence people to give generously or join you in your fundraising efforts.

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Recent Activity Area

The Recent Activity area displays interactions performed by you or others in support of your fundraising efforts to help you keep track of your fundraising efforts and follow up tasks to perform. If a task related to the interaction exists, the task is displayed alongside the interaction and is linked to the tool or page on which you can perform it.

For example, if you send email to thank someone for their donation, the Message Sent displays next to their name. If you have not yet sent the Thank You, a link to your Email area displays that you can click to compose and send it.

The interactions are listed in date/time order with the most current interaction listed first.

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Task Navigation Area

To quickly access some of the more common fundraising tasks, along the right-hand side of the default Home page, you can click:

  • Send email to display the Compose page and other tools for creating and sending email messages to your family and friends to appeal for monetary support and to thank them when they do give a gift. (More details ...)
  • Enter new gift to display the appropriate page for entering a cash or check gift that someone gives directly to you. In some cases, we allow you to accept a credit card payment (if you have the credit card number and verification code) or a promise to Pay Later. (More details ...)
  • Add Contacts to work with your personal address book on this site. If you have not already created it, you can easily import the email addresses of the people you will contact about your fundraising efforts from other online address books you maintain, such as in Yahoo! or Google.

    Not only does using an address book make it easy to send the email, the information you need to follow up with these people is maintained right there. You can easily see who has made a donation, who is on your team with you, who needs a reminder email, and so on.

    You can also gather specific contacts together into groups to make it even easier to select targets for your emails. (More details ...)
  • View Your Progress to display charts and lists that show when people have given gifts to support your fundraising and the highest ten gift amounts along with the names of the donors who gave them. (More details ...)
  • Edit Personal Page to display your personal fundraising web page on our site for you to edit. You can edit this page to to tell a story about why you are participating in this fundraiser, include a photo of yourself or something close to you. (More details ...)
  • View Team Roster to list the names of the people who are participating on your team (More details ...)

If the associated special features are also enabled for this team fundraising event, the following links may be displayed:

  • Update question responses to view the responses you have made to questions on the registration form for this TeamRaiser event and edit them if necessary. For example, you may want to fix a typographical error, add more information, delete something, and so on. (More details ...)
  • Work with tenting options to view your tent assignment status and details for arranging tent accommodations for a multiple day event (More details ...)
  • Check In Online to submit the appropriate information online ahead of time instead of waiting in lines on the day of the event to turn in forms manually and wait for them to be processed. (More details ...)

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Facebook Fundraiser Integration

Now you can raise even more money for your fundraiser by connecting it to Facebook. All the money you raise from Facebook donations will count towards your overall goal. The system will keep track of your progress by updating the thermometers on both your Participant Center and on Facebook.

Warning: In the event of a refund, the Participant Center total reflect the actual amount raised. Refunds are not reflected in the Facebook totals. 

To connect your fundraiser to Facebook:

  1. Access your Participant Center for your registration.

  2. Click Fundraise on Facebook.

  3. In Personalize Your Facebook Fundraiser, enter the Title of your Facebook Fundraiser, and a Story. These will be visible in both Facebook and your Participant Center.

  4. Click Create Fundraiser.

  5. The Facebook login page opens for you to enter your login information. Enter your login information, and the new Facebook Fundraiser is created.

  6. Your Participant Center now contains a link to the newly created Facebook Fundraiser:

    • You can copy/paste the Facebook Fundraiser link in an email to send out to your friends and family to ask for donations.

    • Or, you can click Go to Facebook Fundraiser to open the fundraiser in Facebook in a separate tab.

Captain Message Area

The Captain Message area displays below the task links with a message from your Team Captain, which the captain has decided to broadcast to all of your teammates instead of sending individual email messages.

If you are a Team Captain, you can enter your message in this area to quickly broadcast a message to display to display on the Participant Centers of everyone on your team instead of sending an email. For details, refer to Broadcasting a Team Message.

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